Unleash your inner Celine Dion!


Get rid of that "I don't sound like Mariah Carey, so I'm garbage" mentality. Learn how to sing and get confidence, relaxation, and a reason to belt out "Fantasy" at all hours.

Because you don't need to sound like Mariah or Celine Dion. You'll sound like you. And that's pretty incredible.


Option 1:

sing, sing a song

Take private voice lessons from anywhere in the world. You'll learn basic music, breathing, and performance techniques in a fun and very non-J.K. Simmons in Whiplash kind of way. Fun fact: Those techniques help ease anxiety, promote confidence, and give you a creative outlet you can put to use any time you like. Think of it as singing for self-care.

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OPtion 2:


If You wanna sing out, sing out

Wanna sing a personalized song at your sister's wedding? Need assistance with a show? Ready to outshine that a-hole friend of a friend at your next Karaoke outing? How convenient – I can help with all of those things!

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Kind words from 

happy singers

"A fabulous session! Really great -- from Amber's choice of content, in how she approached and taught everything, and how she interacted with a total newbie, all showed her awareness as well as her support."        - Ayelette Robinson

"Amber’s great! She's patient, thorough and kind, taking time to make sure you understand each vocal concept. Bonus: with her writing and performing experience, sessions can double as career coaching, which I always appreciate." - Anna

“Amber has been invaluable in getting my one person show off the ground. Her technical assistance, her insight, and even (or especially) her hand holding gave me the tools to finally do it!”" - Jeff Hiller

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