Short Story: In addition to her 13 years of musical theater experience, Amber taught Voice and Speech at the American Academy of Dramatics Arts in New York for 7 years, taught musical improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for 6 years, and once made a crowd in a Chinatown karaoke bar chant her name. So, she knows stuff about singing.

Long Story: By the time she was three, Amber had it all figured out – She was going to be a singer. So, she devoted her life to the world of musicals for many years.

Unfortunately, the career goals of 3-year-olds aren't always ideal. As Amber spent years in New York as an actress, her childhood dream didn’t prepare her for commercial auditions where you had to silently react to a talking scale or doing midnight shows for drunken college kids while inflatable sumo wrestling happened in the background (jealous?).

Though she had fun touring the country with the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater and starred in the national tour and Off-Broadway production of 50 Shades! The Musical (it sounds stupid, but it was actually really good), Amber got tired of living her life waiting for auditions. So, she started writing.

Quickly, Amber wrote for Thrillist, Bustle, IFC, Greatist and even Snooki’s blog (jealous?). She added copywriting to her growing list of slashes (actress/singer/voice teacher/improviser/writer/copywriter/knitter of small pumpkins) and decided it was time to put these skills together and do something she really enjoyed - Sing!

Well, teach other people to sing, which does involve some singing of its own, but we’re getting too complicated here. With her powers combined she became - A Singing and Confidence Coach!

In addition to her extensive musical theater training and experience, she also taught Voice at the American Academy of Dramatic arts for over 7 years. Add to that 6 years of teaching musical improv at the UCB Theater, it's clear that Amber knows a thing or two about getting non-singers to sing. And of course, she loves doing it.