Hear All My Mistakes - Working on a New Song

Singing through a song for the first time is hard. Often, when my students get through their first attempt, I can see the disappointment in their eyes. “It just doesn’t sound right.”

This is totally normal. It still happens to me! Even though I’ve been singing for a million years (I’ll be a million and 34 years old in May, if you’d like to send a present), after I sing a song for the first time I always think “Well, that was horrible. Time to seal my lips shut and never sing again.”

Part of the reason we’re all so hard on ourselves is that we’re comparing our first try with a professional singers 47th take. The recording sounds amazing because the singer had time to practice, fit the song to their voice, and use a some studio magic to make it sound perfect. So, your first try is never going to sound like the recording - and that’s okay.

To help us all get through the first-time-getting-through-a-song blues, I sang the song “Shallow” live for the very first time and recorded it for all to see. Then, in a few weeks (and after practicing every day), I’m going to record the song again. Hopefully, you’ll get to see how much a song can change with practice. And, you’ll hear all the wonky mistakes that come up when you sing a song for the first time.

Just so you know, this was an Instagram Live video, so when I say hello and thank you, it’s in response to that. Also, I apologize for my uneven lipstick and poor eye lines, but hey, I’ve learned something for my next video! If you just want to hear the song with my preamble, skip to 2:41.

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