The Self-Care Checklist: When You Aren't In The Mood For A Bath Or Beauty Mask

There’s nothing wrong with a nice bath or face mask, but there are a lot of ways to find self-care that don’t involve the bathroom.

For inspiration on non-beauty related self-care, try out all the tips on this handy checklist.

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Refer back to this list whenever you’re looking for a way to add a little relaxation and fun into your day.

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  • Learn choreo with Darrin’s Dance Grooves - Ever wanted to learn the choreography from Britney Spears “Crazy” video? Even if the thought never crossed your mind, dancing along with Darrin’s Dance Grooves will bring you great joy. You may not nail every step, but you’ll get a break from your worries when you dive into this turn of the millennium gem.

  • Take 4 Long, Deep Breaths - Less fun than music video dancing, but it does a world of good. When you stop what you’re doing and just breathe, your body and mind will relax. Sit comfortably or lay on the floor and breathe in slowly to a count of 4. Then, breathe out to a count of 4. Repeat. It’s free self-care you can do in a minute whether you’re in your office or waiting in nonsense traffic on your way home from a stressful day.

  • Play some trivia - Though you don’t need to do You Don’t Know Jack, it’s my personal favorite quiz program. But any trivia will do! It’s a fun distraction and you’ll get to learn some fun facts. Like, did you know that Lucky Charms tried to get rid of Lucky the Leprechaun for Waldo the Wizard? It didn’t work out.

  • Do the dishes with a lively grapefruit soap - Sometimes self-care is about fun, relaxing things and sometimes it’s about doing crap that needs to be done. Picking a pleasant scented dish soap makes a common task like washing dishes a little nicer. And when you’ve got a clean home and an empty sink, you’ll start feeling better. Plus, you’ll smell like pamplemousse dream.

  • Do a Venting/Happiness journal - Sometimes, life sucks. So, take a page in a journal to vent it all out. But, no matter how crappy your day, there’s always some little things to be happy about. Then, take a page to write down all the small things that made you happy whether it be your job or a particularly good episode of the Golden Girls you caught on cable. After you let out the negative and let in the positive, you should feel a little better.

  • Watch a stupid youtube video - I’m partial to Furby in A Microwave or WTF Boom, but pick any dumb, silly, funny video that you like. A moment of comical randomness can brighten your day.

  • Lip sync in the mall - Put on a good playlist and walk around the mall like it’s your music video. If you have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you’ll usually find enough empty aisles and props to do some full out lip syncing. You’d be amazed how often you can do this without anyone seeing you. And if someone does walk in on your private concert, they’ll only be happy to catch a glimpse of your joy.

  • Walk and Listen to You Must Remember This - Walking is not a new suggestion for self-care, but it works. To make it a little more interesting, get in on the back catalog of You Must Remember This podcast. It goes deep into Hollywood history and is consistently fascinating.

  • Read How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t or Troublemaker by Leah Remini - The first book is a straight talking self-help book that really works and the second gives you all kinds of gossip about Scientology and Tom Cruise screaming over raw cookie dough. Both are great choices.

  • Post a selfie - Sometimes, selfies feel narcissistic. But other times, it’s just nice to post a pretty picture of yourself and get some likes. Plus, your friends will greatly enjoy getting a chance to see your lovely face. So, if you can’t do it for yourself, do the world a favor and take a selfie.

  • Go to Target in the early morning - You can find everything you need in life at Target, but the store is often a crowded pile of stress (especially if you live in a big city). Avoid that mess and go right as the store opens. It’s oddly quiet and calm, so you can peruse all the journals, candles, home goods, and Target specific Ben & Jerry’s flavors in a serene state.

  • Belt out It’s All Coming Back to Me Now - Choose any song you like, but if you’re in the mood for drama you can’t go wrong with the mix of Celine Dion and Jim Steinman.

  • Revisit The Simpsons - If it’s been a while since you’ve watched the Simpsons, watch it again. The Poochie episode is especially good and you’ll get a 22 minute break from any worries.

  • Say “I’m a powerful, wonderful delight” 10 times - Affirmations seem cheesy but they work. Pick a phrase that sums up how you’d like to feel. Then, repeat it at least 10 times. You might not be entirely changed, but you will start to feel more like the powerful, wonderful person you really are.

  • Listen to your favorite song and just concentrate on the words - It’s shocking how often we don’t really know the words to songs we’ve heard 1000 times. By really tuning into the words, it helps quiet the traffic in your mind. And, you get to jam out to a song you love.

  • Go to Karaoke -Karaoke is great. End of explanation.

  • Relax Your Shoulders - I bet your shoulders are tense right now. Was I right? Taking a second to breathe and relax your shoulders will help you avoid headaches and building stress.

  • Stretch to Enya - You don’t need to hear Enya’s fine Irish voice as you stretch, but it will make you feel much more relaxed and fancy. And who doesn’t want that?

  • Light a Grandma’s Kitchen candle - Choose your own favorite scent, though the fine spice mix of Grandma’s Kitchen will transport you to a world of handmade baked goods and childhood innocence. That might be a bit dramatic, but you can’t underestimate the comfort of flickering candlelight and a relaxing scent. It instantly calms your mind and helps your body release tension.

  • Write down your emotions, while listening to Emotions - Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what you’re actually feeling. So, take a second to write down all your potential emotions and thoughts. Which is even easier and more fun to do when you’re listening to Mariah Carey classics.

  • Do a felting penguin craft - Crafting is a perfect way to get away from screens and calm your mind. Felt is cheap, easy, and involves a lot of stabbing! Seriously, you stab a bunch of wool to form it into a cute animal shape. It’s violent and adorable - the best of all crafts!

  • Take a singing lesson - Or take a dance class, improv course, or knitting lesson. I’m partial to singing because you can do it anywhere, it’s very fun, and a few lessons can make a HUGE difference in your voice. A private lesson helps you learn breathing techniques you can use to relieve anxiety, you get better much faster, and you’ll feel more confident singing and speaking in public.