Find your voice. Literally.

You've probably taken classes for all kinds of fun, non-practical things: dancing, crafting, improv. Sure, that improv class won’t help you with life skills...

“I’m going to need those quarterly earnings…”

-”I will, but I need a suggestion of a place and an important life event.”

But people do it because it’s fun. You know what else is fun? Singing!

By learning the basics of singing, you unleash your true voice and a powerful way to express yourself. Plus, it's a joyful delight that will push you out of your comfort zone and into a world where you're a calm, confident conqueror (whether you're singing or not).


Free consultation

If you have questions about how you can use singing for self-care (or any other questions that have to do with singing, breathing, relieving anxiety, or detailing why Sweeney Todd is so great), sign up for a free call. In 15 minutes, you can find out if my voice lessons are what you’re looking for. Also, it’s FREE! And I’m a nice person to talk to.

Sing out, louise

individual 45-Min sessions for $60

Maybe you always wanted to sing, but thought you weren't good enough. Or you love belting stuff out when no one's looking, but wouldn't dare sing in front of another soul (at least, not while you're sober).

In our first session, you'll learn how to relax your body, deepen your breath, and let your voice out! Plus, you'll work on a song of your choice and learn techniques to perform with confidence and fabulosity. 

Perfect if you are:

  • Looking for a creative outlet (that you can do from anywhere at any time).

  • Aching for new ways to express yourself and your beautiful emotions.

  • An actor who doesn't think of herself as a "singer."

  • Someone who’s always wanted to sing, but were too scared.

  • Searching for fun ways to add self-care to your life.

  • Want the anxiety-relieving benefits of mindfulness, but find meditation too boring.

  • A person who just wants to know more about singing even if you're not planning on hitting up Broadway any time soon.


Sing a song Package

 4 sessions for $200

Get all the benefits of the individual lessons at a lower price! Isn't cheapness great? 

By committing to 4 sessions (or more), you'll be able to sing with greater confidence at a faster pace. Plus, you get a guaranteed 30 minutes a week to forget about any worried thoughts about White House catastrophes. Instead, you'll get to spend that time on you. And do something that makes you feel relaxed, confident, proud, and heard. Well, heard in a very literal sense, but it's still pretty cool.

And after 4 weeks, you'll be able to sing your favorite song with supreme confidence. Tell the karaoke bars to watch out, because you'll have a smash hit performance on your hands. 

If you wanna sing out, sing out 

Custom Packages for Special Performances Starting at $250

Getting ready for a one-time performance? It's wonderful that you want to sing at a loved one's wedding or a special event. But it's hard to put all that together on your own. Instead, I'll be the Mama Rose to your Baby June (without the emotional abuse and sublimated dreams). With this package, you'll get:

  • Help finding a song that fits the event and your personality.

  • Multiple sessions to learn the song and adapt it to your voice.

  • Custom drills to overcome nervousness and bring out your inner diva.

  • Relaxation techniques to keep you calm the day of the show.

  • A performance that all your friends will brag about for ages.

Every Day I Write the book

custom lyrics for your event, show, or special occasion

What's more special: a) Singing Elton John's "Your Song" at your parents 35th wedding anniversary or b) Singing "Your Song" with completely customized lyrics to tell the story of your parent's love? The answer is B. Whether you want a song tailored to your event or you've always wanted to live your Weird Al dreams with your own song parody, I can make it happen. Starting at $120, please email for more details.

give a gift

Have a friend that loves singing, but doesn't have the confidence to show her talents beyond in-car rock outs to Adele? You can gift any amount of lessons to the future singer of your choice. Email me to make it happen.

Need Something Special?

If your unique soul can't stand to have to have a standard package, we can make it work! Whether you'd like a custom offer or have questions about pricing, add ons, or where I got my A+ glasses, please send me an email!